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Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Lawyer

The stress that comes with debt can be overwhelming. And getting out of debt can seem impossible. Many people search high and low for ways to lessen or eliminate their financial concerns before finding a solution that is right for them.
At Affiliated Legal Services, Inc., we help our clients get out of debt. Located in Oklahoma City and serving clients throughout the Western District of Oklahoma, our focus is on helping you take control of your finances and move forward toward a fresh start.
We have represented people who were making more than $200,000 last year and who live in $600,000 homes. But we also represented an 18-year-old who started out in life with $35,000 in debt due to "free" credit issued by credit card companies that took advantage of a college student. No matter how much or how little you owe, we can help. Our law firm helps people create financial solutions to help with a wide range of debt, including:

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Our clients may struggle with many different types of debt, but they generally have one thing in common: the numbers just don't add up. When the bills are due, it seems as if there will never be enough money to pay them.
Often, this happens for reasons completely beyond their control. Some have lost their jobs. Others' expenses added up to their limited Social Security incomes. Should I File For Bankruptcy?
If you are afraid to answer the phone or open the mail because of creditors, then personal bankruptcy may be an option for you. The most important things to remember about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are:
Do not feel guilty. In today's economy, many people from all walks of life are in your situation. In the United States, the law was designed to offer them a fresh start. You should not feel guilty for taking your opportunity to move forward. Take control. Do not feel ashamed. Even celebrities and major corporations declare bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy is not all your fault. The recession has taken its toll on everyone. Even large companies with formerly strong reputations have filed for bankruptcy in the current economic climate: companies like Blockbuster, Circuit City and Office Depot. Americans everywhere were laid off, downsized and outsourced. If you were affected, we understand that it was not your fault. You cannot control the economy, but you can take control back by contacting a bankruptcy lawyer.
Contact an Oklahoma City bankruptcy attorney. Nobody can protect you like a lawyer can. You could try to fight things on your own and file the paperwork yourself, but one missed signature or unchecked box can create major problems and prevent you from getting the relief you need. If you are considering bankruptcy, it's best to get help from an experienced Oklahoma County debt relief attorney.
Wipe out debt. Take control of your finances and move forward toward a fresh start. Call Affiliated Legal Services, Inc., at 405-543-2756 or contact us online for a free and confidential initial consultation. Evening and weekend hours are available by request
We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.